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22 December 2009 @ 01:25 am
I am sorry for being late all the time. I probably won't be able to post in time start from now.
Variety Big Brother

Super Junior M


[091220] Asia-Pacific Film Festival, Visa problems, missed flight, shower

Last night's Asia-Pacific Film Festival was full of shocks, SJ-M with visa problems, causing disorder to the order of performance, ... SJ-M set off from Zhejiang Wenzhou yesterday morning, because of visa problems (they were) stuck at immigration for a long time. By the time they reached, they were dirty and sticky. The worried producer changed the flow (of performance), shifting Gigi Leung's slot in front. He said, "They insisted on showering, the staff immediately went to buy shampoo etc. The weather is cold but they don't care, and used cold water to shower so that in the end they can smell good and stand in front of the audience."

Source: Chinatimes.com
Shared in SJ-World.net
Translated by viragis@SJ-World.net

[091219/Kibum] Suju Kim Kibum will directly call out my name ?

To celebrate OZ having more than 1 million members, LG Telecom will hold an event in which netizen can directly participate in the OZ's commercial. In this event, you will go to OZ Generation's micro site and write your thought of "OZ is....to me". The deadline is December 26th, one best story will be chosen and Kim Kibum will directly call out your name as well as introduce your story on a OZ's TV commercial on December 29th. The CF will be aired on December 29th on MBC after "Queen Seondeok" and the winner will be announced on December 28th afternoon.
original article is here
thanks venus for the shout out translated by evanesco@sj-world.net